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360 Product Photography Revolutionized

RotoImage Technology is the seamless combination of hardware and software used to transform traditional product photography into interactive, rotating product photography.

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Interactive Product Photography

Showcase your products with our Dynamic Hotspots and Info Hotspots. Bring your products to life - change colours, manipulate moving pieces, add pop-up specifications, you name it! Check out our Gallery to see more examples!

Multi- Axis and 360 Product Photography

Allow your customers to 'Get The Whole Picture.' 360 Rotos are our most requested type of product photography. RotoImage's dynamic equipment can shoot your products in as many axis as you want. We suggest three or five so your prospective customers will be able to see what your product looks like from all angles.


Plenty of Reasons Why!!

Have you ever purchased something online and when it was delivered it wasn't close to what you thought it was like online?

RotoImage's 3D and 360 Product Photography not only helps ecommerce companies sell more products, but customers love them!


Rotos automatically respond to any screen size from you desktop, to your tablet, to your smartphone


Finally customers can see how your product works as if they were holding it in their hands!


Rotos provide important visual and descriptive information building trust between your customers and your products

Reduce Return Rates

Returned merchandise can be expensive. Give your customers confidence in what they're buying and allow them to 'Get The Whole Picture'


Increase your SEO by keeping customers interacting longer with your pages while dramatically decreasing shopping cart abandonment rates


With both studio services and equipment sales, Rotos are so affordable that you can't afford not too!


You need a competitive advantage to grab potential customers attention and convert browsers into buyers.


Dynamic Hotspots - Dynamic hotspots bring your products to life! Change colors, manipulate your product, add or subtract items, you name it! We’d love to hear and share creative ideas that turn your products into virtual reality.

Info Hotspots - when a user hovers over the hotspot, detailed specifications, history, or special offerings appear. This engages potential customers even further without detracting from your product.


We Have A Solution For Every Budget


We here at RotoImage pride ourselves on partnering with our clients to ensure that they are successful at reaching their ultimate goal. Check out what some of our clients are saying about RotoImage!
  • The RotoImage team provided incredible support, from start to finish. They were communicative, helpful, and have a process in place that made it easy and quick for us to receive the final images. They helped us design the photoshoot, edit the photos, embed the Rotoimages on to our site, and more! We look forward to working with RotoImage again on our future projects!
    Nicole Zhang, Marketing
  • Industry leaders! Highly recommended. Thanks for all the great work.
    Colby Sutton, Business Development
  • Unbelievable quality, for an unbeatable price! RotoImage made my project their own with the level of care in detail they put into their shots. I'll definitely be working with them again!
    Todd Aresenault, Graphic Designer
  • I am super impressed with the level of quality and care they put into their work. These guys went way out of their way to work out a solution for us. I would highly recommend RotoImage to anyone.
    Chris Anstey, President RMI
  • Super innovative company and great owners who know their stuff!
    Dallas Greene, Sales Director
  • Great service offering, and a very knowledgable team behind it! Most overall value out there. Really helped us showcase our products in a unique way.
    Maksym Halenda, President

RotoImage Engineers and Creates Customized Photography Studios

Some products don't work with off the shelf photography equipment. RotoImage specializes in designing RotoEquipment to meet any of your photography needs.