Rotos are interactive, rotating product photography files for any website or electronic device.

Hotspots are a fantastic way to highlight what is truly unique about your products. There are two kinds:

  1. Informational Hotspots - when a user hovers over the hotspot, detailed specifications, history, or special offerings appear. This engages potential customers even further without detracting from your product.
  2. Dynamic Hotspots - Dynamic hotspots bring your products to life! Change colors, manipulate your product, add or subtract items, you name it! We’d love to hear and share creative ideas that turn your products into virtual reality.  

Simple - You’ll receive a unique URL link specific to each Roto that you just copy and paste into your website, similar to embedding a youtube video. The easiest way to get them into any site would be via an iframe; however, we do have plugins for WordPress, Droopla, and Joomla as well. 

Sites like facebook, ebay, twitter etc. all have different security requirements or posting content. Let us know which sites you want your Roto’s to appear on and we’ll tell you how.  

Rotos are best supported by HTML5 file formats. This allows the most flexibility to incorporate Rotos into your website. Rotos can also be utilized in flash and quicktime.

You Bet! Rotos are made up of numerous images. You can use any particular snapshot of a Roto for any of your marketing needs. Snapshots can be exported in jpg, png, and tiff file formats.

Sure do! Since Rotos are displayed as an HTML5 file, they adapt automatically to any screen size - no extra coding necessary!

We’ve roto’ed objects from the size of a pea, up to the size of a car. The pricing we have outlined is based on objects being under 24x24x24 inches. Larger doesn’t necessarily mean more expensive! Contact us and we can turn your product, big or small, into virtual reality.  

We’ll come to you or sell you our equipment and teach you how to Roto! If you have a large inventory of products you want to Roto, we will bring a RotoStudio to you. All we need is some square footage in your warehouse and we’ll provide all the equipment, technology, and personnel to take care of the rest!

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