LiquidPixels Dynamic Imaging

RotoImage has partnered with LiquidPixels to bring our customers an even more diverse and specialized dynamic imaging capabilities.

About LiquidPixels

LiquidPixels is the global leader for dynamic imaging solutions to the e-commerce industry. The LiquidPixels LiquiFire Operating System (OS) empowers e-commerce companies to incorporate dynamic imaging into their websites and emails. This enterprise-class functionality enables online shoppers to quickly create and view custom products before purchasing.

Efficient and scalable, the LiquidPixels approach to digital imagery improves the overall user experience, thus driving e-commerce sales. Founded in 2000, LiquidPixels provides its patented technology as a hosted service or via on-site enterprise servers tailored to each customer’s unique needs. Built on open standards, LiquidPixels LiquiFire Dynamic Imaging Solutions integrate into existing Web and workflow environments, enhancing product creation and visualization, while reducing production costs. For more information, visit

Advantages Of Dynamic Imaging


If you have numerous variations of certain products, ex. different colors, you can now shoot only one and let LiquidPixels do the rest!


Rotos with dynamic imaging automatically respond to any screen size and browser. You can even embed them directly into emails!


Curious about what a different colour, fabric, accessory, or logo will look like on your product? You no longer have to do expensive trial runs.


Add your own logos, images, or text to Wow your customers and clients by personalizing products.